Musing | 09.12.17

Not Greedy, Dignity | 09.03.17 | <3, skim

What does one do when blindsided by an unwarranted accusation?
Ask the accuser about the judgment behind the accusation.
If the following happens as the result of the accused’s inquiry, the accuser needs to be familiarized with basic human decency before the accusation can be considered: the accuser does not allow the accused to respond to the accusations by speaking over or interrupting the accused. In this case, the accuser is either aware of the baselessness of the accusation or is absolutely bigoted in his conclusion. Either way, further attempts at discussion or consideration will lead to wasted time, energy, and goodwill.
If the following happens as the result of the accused’s inquiry, the accuser needs to understand his limits: the accuser speaks out of context of history. This normally happens to people whose memories along with their sanity are fading often with advanced age. In this case, the accused needs to realize that the accuser is struggling with his mental capacity and is on a decline. It is wise for the accused to start distancing herself from the accuser.

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#fridaynightdoodles 01

#fridaynightdoodles 01 | 08.25.17 | <3, skim

Coz what else is there to do on Friday nights but doodle and end up deleting a previous post trying to get familiar with new features on WP? Only to find the post magically sitting in the trash can under a pseudonym… but not a second before I was about to log out after going ahead and doing some damage control 🙄

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Letter | 2017 | 02

whaduhfug… | 06.10.17 | <3, skim

Dear. 2017,

Hey, how are you doing? I just wanted to check in and see what’s been happening with you. I’m sure many of your predecessors have given you plenty of scoop on what shenanigans humans can get into in a year, but I can see how things may be a bit more on the… erm, extreme side for you.

The drawing I made? That’s the face of my heart upon hearing the news on a daily basis. So as a human, I wanted to let you know that what you’re witnessing is more unusual than even what many humans are used to.

Anywho, I know that you’re beyond human shenanigans and you won’t quit on us, but the possibility that we may quit on you is real and looming… It has nothing to do with you and other than a few, humans don’t want to quit on you either. But I’m not sure why we keep making poor choices when it comes to choosing the right person for the job. I thought it was mostly women with a-low-to-no self-esteem who did that, but apparently not.

My brain keeps muttering donaldDevo in a synth voice whenever my heart starts to roll her eyes – a precursor to whatever emotion I don’t need to experience. That cheers me up a bit. donaldDevo mmch mmch mmch mmch donaldDevo… Now, don’t you feel better too?

In case I don’t get to write you again lest we quit on you, I’m sorry, 2017. During your time, humans have managed to turn reality into a twisted psychological thriller with a mystery ending that no one can or wants to predict. Although I hear phrases like “this can’t go on” on a daily basis, we will, like a couple in a toxic marriage that just refuses to divorce making everyone around them feel awkward at parties and sorry for their children’s suffering.

On a more happier note, three of my Bantams: Boo, PomPom, and Pasha have hatched little chicks and they’re all thriving! Which reminds me, I gotta go make them a tethercabbageball now. More on that later (if possible).


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