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Postcard | Feb.2017 | 01


postcard 2017 01 | <3, skim


Sending you lots of love and peace~ I miss you loads! Do you like the postcard? I made it the other day. It’s a moment that a lot of healing moments were spent creating. What do you think?
Until next time, it’s the month of love~


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A Letter to January 2017


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Hey January 2017,

You did it! It’s your last day. As expected, you were always on time, and you performed your duties perfectly.

So here’s to you, January 2017! Despite whatever else may have happened during your time, this is how I’ll remember you.

I’ll remember seeing Venus burning a gleaming hole in an otherwise dark and cloudy night on the 12th. It was as closest I got to the beauty of the outer space in person, and purely by chance to boot.

I’ll remember The Women’s March on the 21st: witnessing the sea of pink pussy hats, hearing young female activists’ reasons and demands, admiring grandmothers swearing politely in solidarity, being uplifted by picket signs covered in hearts, kittens, and glitter, being encouraged by the gorgeous weather during a rainy season, and being in awe amidst the power of women.

I’ll remember looking at pictures of David Bowie traveling in Mexico City at Forest Lawn Museum. Are museums in memorial parks a thing? Seeing photographs of David Bowie’s hypnotising eyes housed with the museum’s permanent collection of classical paintings, sculptures, and objet d’art was kind of like seeing the progress of the human history: loads of old stuff with a bit of new stuff to breathe in some freshness to the old stuff that have outlasted countless lives. Seeing a teenager with neon green dreads in rainbow tights in the pristine and imposing environment made me feel like magic by proxy.

I’ll remember the lights and the music of Night on Broadway where the usually traffic ladened downtown streets became a backdrop for visual and musical artists, DJs, performers, a buffet of food trucks, and a giant ferris wheel. And it was all sponsored by the city! Now, that’s government done right! Bringing people together for fun, food, and friendship while boosting the economy and creating a community united in boogieing together, interculinary marriages and their offsprings, and a giant ferris wheel.

Goodbye January 2017~ Thank you for your impeccable contribution to the humankind. Without you, nothing would have existed for the past 31 days. I’ll remember you!


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Rainy Season in SoCal


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It’s the rainy season in the LA area. It means that the weather turns rainy for about a month. Considering the severe drought California has been experiencing, any amount of sky tears needs to be celebrated. It’s been a little over two weeks. My sincerest wish is for the rainy season to extend another month. But, it is a challenge to not to feel guilty about missing the sunshine and the warmth.

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Question | 2017 | 01


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Today Americans celebrated Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s Birthday. Google featured a drawing of people of different ethnicities and cultures holding hands in its doodle, and yesterday, Martin Luther King Jr. Day was searched over 5,000,000 times. For today, the social media’s feed for #mlk, #mlkday, #mlkday2017 blew the rest of the hashtags off the hemisphere. People shared inspiring, admirable, empowering phrases used by the good doctor. They shared love in his name.

Then the news that his son met with the President-Elect broke. Following a private meeting at his tower and a quick handshake, the President-Elect got in an elevator and left the scene leaving Martin Luther King III to face the press by himself.

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