Double Rooted

Double Rooted | 03.26.17 | <3, skim

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Musing 02.28.17


drawing 2017 | <3, skim

From time to time, life seems jagged and rigid… out of alignment… stained. You catch your reflection from a shop window and the expression you see breaks your heart. You try to let go of the tension from your face. The expression deepens. You try to smile instead distorting the expression into one of confusion and denial.

All this within a matter of seconds lest someone catches you in the act of self-awareness.

When the seconds pass, unable to conceal the reality from your face, you face the ground and walk on.

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Postcard | Feb.2017 | 01


postcard 2017 01 | <3, skim


Sending you lots of love and peace~ I miss you loads! Do you like the postcard? I made it the other day. It’s a moment that a lot of healing moments were spent creating. What do you think?
Until next time, it’s the month of love~


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