Letter | 2017 | 01

Sketchbook 2016 02 | <3, skim

Dear. 2017,

(insert: a bear hug and cheek kisses)

Boy, am I glad you’re finally here. I’ve been waiting for you the way my dog waits for her dinner – eagerly trying to be on her best behavior. You’re the only one for the job and your reputation far precedes you. If your predecessor was any indication, I know that you will always succeed in doing what you do: being the constant in every one of this year’s evolution whether it be towards a revolution or a devolution.

My hope is that you will be the stabilizer I will need as I filter through the society to understand the difference between unconditional acceptance and having an inferiority complex. I have a feeling it’s going to be as simple as having faith in religion.

Here’s to you, to us and to understanding!


* * * * * * *